6 Days Safari

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6 Days Safari

Day 1: Arusha to West Kilimanjaro
Breakfast will be taken at the hotel and you will be picked up by 4×4 Toyota land cruiser to the starting point of the journey. We are going to ride 25km on the tarmac road then earth road which will take you on the leeward side of Mount Meru and the leeward side of Mount Kilimanjaro. During our picnic lunch at Ngarenanyuki area we will spend time where Meru tribe’s people are dwelling. On our way to our destination we might be able to see the herds of buffaloes, giraffes and, if lucky elephant. We will head to the west side of Mount Kilimanjaro for the night at Kambi ya Tembo (elephant’s camp), where the Meru and Kibo peak will be sighted clear in the distance.

Day 2: West Kilimanjaro to Same
After an early breakfast we are heading down to the slopes of Kilimanjaro through Sanya Juu area. We will catch up with tarmac road about 25Km up to Boma Ng’ombe area then gravel and trick earth road down to the warm spring of Chemka, where a hot lunch will be prepared by our chef. At this wonderful spring we are going to spend only few hours then track down to msitu wa Tembo (elephants forest) all the way to Same. We are going to spend the night at the bush camp near Same town.

Day 3: Same to Lushoto
This is a tough day, where soon after breakfast we depart Same and catch up the earth road which heads to Mkomazi National Park. We will pass on the boundary of the park up to Kisiwani village where we will eat our packed lunch. Soon after lunch we will head on the road which heads to Gonja up to Mtae throughout Lushoto where we will spend a night. Lushoto is an amazing area for its altitude of 2300m a.s.l, forest reserve and endemic species of flora and fauna. We will spend a night at this old German Colonial town with wonderful sounds of crickets and night jars during the night.

Day 4: Lushoto to Pangani
The adventure today starts soon after the breakfast. We are going to ride on to Usambara Mountains passing Amani rain forest while watching the scenic beauty of the area. The supply truck will turn down to Muheza town with chefs and tents to prepare a hot lunch for the bikers. As we show up at Muheza town the lunch will be ready and there will be time for a nap. After the short nap we are going to take the bikes down to where the coast lies with an easy ride to Pangani town, where we are going to put the bikes on the ferry to cross this massive river. We will start 15min ride down to Ushongo beach for a night. The night may be humid, hot and mosquitoes will be around. Soon after your shower, it’s an effective time to use your repellants.

Day 5: Beach Cruising
There will be bunch of activities to do in Pangani beach like visiting the Marine park of Maziwe, scuba diving and snorkeling. During the night we will have a camp fire with all staff and crew and say good bye.

Day 6: Depart at Pangani to other destinations
Departures will be soon after breakfast with other means of transport whether by car or flights and that will be end of our tour

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