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Day Trip
Whether you are visiting or volunteering and have a few days with nothing to do or wishing to implement a day trip into your itinerary… there are numbers of hidden gems close to Arusha and or Moshi that feature northern Tanzania’s rare beauty and charm.

Arusha National Park.
 ANP is a small but spectacular park that covers MT. Meru. With its many easy and close-up first encounters of giraffes, zebras, gazelles, buffaloes and Colobus monkeys it can be a great place to start a safari. Combine the walking and canoe safaris and encounter a peaceful, relaxing excursion with stunning views of both Meru and Kilimanjaro. Enjoy the spectacular bird watching, basking hippos and various antelopes drinking at the water’s edge.

This lush rainforest region is known to produce some of the best coffee in East Africa. Visit the coffee plantation while sipping freshly roasted Tanzanian coffee and learn about the local Chagga culture. Hike along the trails through small villages and banana plantations on your way to a delicious picnic lunch beside Materuni Waterfalls.

Chemka Hot springs.
45 minutes from Arusha, hidden by a beautiful green forest of Chemka there are natural underground hot springs. The deep clear and clean pond is ideal for taking a relaxing dip and great place for a peaceful picnic or bbq.

Lake Chala.
Bordering Tanzania and Kenya on the eastern edge of Mount Kilimanjaro this gorgeous quaint private game reserve overlooks the small Crater Lake, Lake Chala. Relax by the lake, go hiking around the crater or take in animals such as elephants, baboons, monkeys and antelopes.  Go for the day or spend the night or weekend and stay at one of the luxury tent camps.

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