For a Zanzibar Beach Holidays

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For a Zanzibar Beach Holidays
Zanzibar is an island known for its many spices, ivory, magnificent ancient buildings and its history; stone town included. For 1200 years Zanzibar was at the centre of trading due to its location. It was involved mainly in slave’s cloves and ivory. Slaves were used widely for duties such as carrying elephant tusks until it was abolished in the nineteenth century. The Old Stone Town is a testimony to the islands past. It is now a World Heritage Site and is full of old characteristic buildings and oak carvings reminding everyone what it once was. Zanzibar is unique to other beach destinations due to its history and culture; African and Arab combined. There are spice plantations, tremendous beaches and a tropical climate to match. Coming here would be fantastic to wind down after a safari or to come and explore the town and educate you on its magnificent history. Stunning colorful reefs make it ever so tempting to delve into the water and enjoy snorkeling and diving along with other water sports. Baraza is the most luxurious boutique on the island and with incredible villas fit for a sultan’s palace. It has thirty individual villas with typically Zanzibar styled furnishing. There are ocean front villas which also have a spacious lounge, breathtakingly beautiful bedroom, a luxurious bathroom, dressing room and a terrace complete with a plunge pool looking out over the Indian Ocean. Zanzibar is fringed by a few small islands such as Mnemba which has a superb barefoot sand resort making it one of the greatest locations for shallow and wall diving in the entire Indian Ocean. Chumbe Island has fantastic birdlife for those interested in nature. Here you can take canoe trips through mangroves and colorful coral gardens; fantastic for snorkeling in.

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