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Mount Kilimanjaro (Routes to Kili’s Summit): Africa Natural Tours
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Routes to Kili’s Summit


Six official routes climb to Kilimanjaro’s summit.
  • The Lemosho Route and Shira Route start on the western side of the mountain.
  • The Machame Route and Umbwe Route begin to the southwest and join hikers on the Lemosho and Shira Routes on day 2.
  • The Marangu Route, also called the “Coca-Cola route,” starts southeast of the mountain and is the only route with hut accommodations for the entire duration of the trek. It also has an unfounded reputation for being the easiest route but in fact has one of the lowest summit success rates since its route profile is rapid and its final summit slopes are steep.
  • Rongai, the last route, begins from the remote northeast side of Kilimanjaro and is flatter, drier, and less busy than the southern and western routes.
  • There are variations on these routes. For example, the Northern Circuit is a popular alternative for trekkers on the Lemosho Route, and the Western Breach provides a challenging climb from a crater camp for trekkers approaching from the west or southwest.
Furthermore there are 3 main summit routes:
  • The Southern passage via Barafu camp and Stellar Point (used by trekkers on the Lemosho, Shira, Machame and Umbwe Routes).
  • The Eastern passage via Gilman’s Point (used by the Marangu, Rongai and Northern Circuit trekkers).
  • The technical Western Breach, which is mostly used by experienced trekkers who approach from the western and southern routes
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  • The Mweka Route is used for descent only.

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