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8 days Lemosho Route with Crater Camp: Africa Natural Tours
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8 days Lemosho Route with Crater Camp

Day 1: Lemosho Glades 2100m – Big Tree Camp – 7kms -3 hours – Altitude gain 700m
Pick up at the lodge and transfer to Lemosho gate to start your trek. Leave in the morning from Moshi to Londorossi village were gate is located. The start of trail 2100m trek winds up through the lush forest zone on to the lower slopes of the northern side, going to Shira Plateau. Overnight at Mti Mkubwa 2650m, 4 to 5hrs

Day 2: Big Tree 2800m — Shira Camp 2 – 14kms – 7 to 8hrs – Altitude gain 1050m
Trek to Shira 2 Hut walking through the fine open moorlands. Overnight at Shira 2 Hut. 3480m 6 to 7hrs
Day 3: Shira Camp2 3850m— Barranco Camp – 10kms – 6 to 7hrs – Altitude gain 700m, down 600m
A long trek to Barranco. This camp lies in a sheltered area below the remarkable cliffs of the Breach wall. The Breach wall, the dome of Uhuru and the edge of the Heim Glacier dominate the head of the valley. Overnight at Barranco Camp. 3900m, 6 to 7hrs
Day 4: Barranco Camp 3950m — Karanga Valley Camp – 6kms – 3 to 4hrs – Altitude gain 250m down 250m
Acclimatization Day. The trek continues from Baranco to Karanga valley. Overnight at Karanga camp. 3930m, 3 to 4hrs

Day 5: Karanga Camp 3963m — Barafu Camp 4kms – 3 to 4hrs – Altitude gain 650m
In the morning trek to Barafu. Huge glaciers and cliffs can be seen which mark this part of the mountain. Here is the last water point. Overnight Barafu Camp. 4600m, 3hrs

Day 6: Barafu Camp 4600m — crater camp Furtwangler glacier -10kms – 10 to 12hrs – 1000m
In the morning trek to Crater Camp beautify scenery of Ash pit after lunch your guides take you to walk around the Ash pit. Overnight Furtwangler glacier.

Day 7:Crater Camp Furtwangler Glacier — UHURU PEAK -1km – 1hr – 295m Altitude gain UHURU PEAK 5895m — Millennium Camp – 15kms – 7hrs – descend 2445m
At midnight the trek instigates up to the final steep walk gradually up the ridge and around the crater to reach Uhuru peak at 5895m. From the summit the trek descends to overnight at Millennium. 3100m

Day 8: Millennium Camp — Mweka Gate – 13kms – 4 to 5hrs – descend 1650m
Covering the last section of the mountain, the trek continues down through the forests to the gate where your vehicle will be waiting to transport you back to Moshi

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