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 Stone town tour in Zanzibar
Stone town tour in Zanzibar is an half day tour starts and end at your hotel,

The main attractions:-
-Historical Sites And Monuments
-Cultural Activities

About the tour
Stone town tour is a roughly three hour’s guided tour begins and ends at your hotel. The tour may commence either at the City Market at darajani or near forodhani garden and covers all historical sites and monuments places. You will be driven or walk (optional) to all the National Museum of Zanzibar (opened 1925) to see interesting relics. You leave and head along the waterfront to Shangani street- Old British Consulate, the House of Wonders (built in 1883), the Arab Fort (built in the 1700), From here, you proceed on a leisure walk through the Bazaar streets along with narrow streets of Stone Town (old part of the Zanzibar city) where most of the buildings are dilapidated and date back into almost 2 centuries ago. In this part of the town, you will find series of small and exotic bazaars and curio shops. Town Market, Old Slave Market and Slave Chambers, spice market, fruit market, fish and chicken market, Africa House (former English Club), Tipp Tip House, Freddie Mercury house, Kele Keel Square, The Memories Of Zanzibar Curio Shop, Old British Consulate, Orphanage Home, Old Fort, Fordhani Gardens, House of Wonders, Sultan Palace (now Palace Museum), Custom House, Old Dispensary, Old Harbor, are among the interesting sites on this guided tour of Zanzibar. 

Tour starts:
-This is a private tour and it is usually starts 9am, or any time before 4 pm, but we are highly suggest pickup time from your hotel to be at 8:30am

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