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Besides the incredible wildlife experience, Tanzania also boasts of amazing landscapes and some of the most beautiful and stunning waterfalls, Explore these roaring cascades of water and you are sure to see amazing natural wonders.
There are also plenty of activities to do around these waterfalls in Tanzania. Activities include hiking and exploring. Many different wildlife species call some of these areas home, so they are great places for game watching. They include;
·         Sanje Falls
·         Kalambo Falls
·         Soni Falls
·         Meru Falls
·         Ndoro Falls

Sanje Falls, Udzungwa Mountains National Park
An Iringa safari is not complete until you visit the Udzungwa Mountains National Park. The park has quiet an attractive landscape with a combination of rainforest scattered along the raising hills and valleys. Udzungwa Mountains National Park also plays host to several waterfalls in Tanzania including Sanje Waterfalls. Plunging about 170 metres (550 feet) through a misty spray into the forested valley below, Sanje falls is one of the highest waterfalls found in Tanzania’s national parks.
 Best Time to visit: Between January and April.

 Soni Falls, West Usambara Mountains
Situated in the southern part of the West Usambara Lushoto Mountain Reserve, the Soni Falls display breathtaking scenery. This is an excellent place to visit and relax for a few days if you are travelling overland between the Tanzania coast and Kilimanjaro as well as the northern game parks. Usambara Mountains are dotted with several other small waterfalls worth checking out. 
Best Time to visit: Between July and October

 Kalambo Falls, South east of Lake Tanganyika
The impressive Kalambo Falls are located within the border of Zambia and Tanzania in the south east of Lake Tanganyika. These waterfalls in Tanzania are regarded as the second highest waterfalls in Africa after Tugela Falls in South Africa. Kalambo Falls plunge about 221 meters down into the gorge below and into Lake Tanganyika. The area around Kalambo Falls has been an important archaeological site since the discovery of past human activity that stretches back more than two hundred fifty thousand years. 
Best Time to visit: Between January and April.

Meru Fall, Mount Meru
No visit to Arusha is complete without a Mt. Meru waterfall hike. Like other waterfalls in Tanzania, the landscape around Meru fall is amazing with a mix of tropical vegetation like tropical ferns, pine like trees and leafy plants. The waterfall plunges about 150 feet down with a massive force. While walking up the mountain, you will also explore the beauty of the Meru Forest flora and fauna that consists of rich bird life, beautiful butterflies, monkeys, forest antelopes among other wildlife.
Best Time to Visit: From June to February.

Ndoro Falls, Mount Kilimanjaro
Ndoro Waterfalls are located at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro, Moshi District in Marangu area. The waterfall is famous for its zigzag trekking nature through typical river vegetation, coffee plantations as well as banana trees and coffee to the bottom of the falls. Any traveler fascinated by stories within the region will love exploring this waterfall and several other waterfalls in Tanzania within this region.
Best Time to visit: Around March, November and December.

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